Vision & Values

  1. We are committed to living lives rooted in Possilpark. We aim to reflect Jesus by doing things with and not just for our neighbours; sharing our lives and working alongside them as catalysts towards the transformation of our community.

  2. We aim to be a maturing church of disciples that grows, nurtures, and sustains itself by developing leadership and equipping all to use their God-given gifts.

  3. We seek to be mutually accountable as we discern and learn together with the help of scripture how to build Christ-centred community.

  4. We are committed to being a praying and worshipping community dependent on God and empowered by the Spirit.  We believe in clutter-free church and want to explore and discover creative forms of worship that are meaningful to our community.

  5. We seek to live simply, humbly and with radical generosity.

  6. We want to be people that put God’s kingdom and mission at the heart of what we do and who are full of the love and grace of God towards all, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

  7. We value building life-giving relationships, and, recognising that Christian faith is a journey, we are committed to helping people move forward wherever they are at present. We are averse to all forms of manipulation and abuses of power.

  8. We value taking courageous and creative risks as we follow the Spirit’s call to mission in Possilpark, remaining open to the Spirit if our work needs to come to an end, and loving and supportive if things don’t work out as we would hope.

  9. We want to be supportive of other churches, faith communities and agencies as we seek a vision of justice, peace and human flourishing for Possilpark, Glasgow and beyond.

  10. We believe in taking a holistic approach to mission, focussing on: supporting families, caring for creation, offering hospitality, acting as a voice for the voiceless, putting the poor first, praying for healing and miracles and proclaiming Christ boldly.