Everyone has a part to play at Clay, but here are a few people who you might want to know a bit more about.


Emma MacIntosh

Emma moved into Possilpark along with her husband, Dave and 2 children back in 2008 and it has very much been her home ever since! She was born in Essex although due to the tv show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ hates to admit it! She loves to help shine a light on other people’s gifts and to join in with what Jesus is already doing in her community. She also loves coffee, camping & cakes (especially Victoria sponge!).

Laiyee Jamieson

Laiyee has lived in Lambhill (about a mile from Possil) since 2004.  She first discovered Clay Community Church in 2014 in The Grove and has been part of the leadership team since February 2019.  She enjoys the community/family atmosphere at Clay and has experienced God’s healing and transformation over the past few years.  She loves Jesus, Minions, ceilidhs, music and singing.



Reuben Aspden

Reuben has enjoyed living in Possil since 2012 and loves having a great bunch of friends and neighbours close on hand to enjoy spontaneous BBQs and parties with. He firmly believes that with Jesus there is always hope and he has seen this to be true many times over the years. He loves cooking and ceilidhs and is always happy if he can get someone to try out his unicycle.