Sunday Gatherings

We meet together every Sunday to connect with God and each other.

As a family we eat together, we learn together, we pray together and we play together.  Our gatherings are relaxed, informal and are welcome to all! 

when: 1-3pm

where: bardowie street hall


This is roughly what our Sunday gatherings look like each week:  


We begin by sharing a meal together.

We also share communion every Sunday and at Clay everyone who is interested in moving closer to Jesus is welcome to participate. Children are part of all that we do at Clay and are just as valued as anyone else. They join in with communion, and after that the under 5’s go out with a children’s worker for 10 minutes, where they sing songs and hear stories about Jesus. 



After communion someone shares a short thought about God based on the Bible. We then have discussions around the tables based on what the person has talked about. Around the tables we are encouraged to pray for one another. The church leaders are also available during the rest of the gathering for more prayer.

The rest of our time together is spent eating cake and enjoying community. 


Everyone gets to participate in the gathering, whether it’s cooking, setting up, serving communion, sharing their thought or tidying up.  Everyone can play at Clay!